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A Gentleman In Moscow: Cast Details And Trailer For Showtime's Drama Series Based on Amor Towles’ Novel

Ewan McGregor as Count Rostov in A Gentleman in Moscow- Paramount+/Showtime-2024.

Imagine you are a wealthy aristocrat whose government, instead of executing you, opts to strip away all your riches and possessions. You find yourself condemned to house arrest in the confines of a magnificent hotel. However, while confined to this luxurious but restrictive space, you uncover a doorway that leads to a much larger world.

This image comes to life in the eight-episode series A Gentleman in Moscow, based on the 2016 internationally best-selling novel (of the same name) from author Amor Towles.

Ewan McGregor as Count Rostov in A Gentleman in Moscow- Paramount+/Showtime-2024. Photo Credit-Ben Blackall/Paramount-Showtime

Set against the backdrop of post-Revolutionary Russia, the story follows Count Alexander Rostov, played by Emmy winner Ewan McGregor (Star Wars), who, in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution, finds that his gilded past has placed him on the wrong side of history. Spared of immediate execution, he is banished by a Soviet tribunal to an attic room in the opulent Hotel Metropol and threatened with death if he ever sets foot outside again.

As the years pass and some of the most tumultuous decades in Russian history unfold outside the hotel doors, Rostov’s reduced circumstances provide him entry into a much larger world of emotional discovery. As he builds a new life within the walls of the hotel, he discovers the true value of friendship, family, and love. The Showtime limited series streams on Friday, March 29, on Paramount+ and Showtime on March 31.

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Anna and Alexa Goodall as Nina in Moscow- Paramount+/Showtime-2024

Joining McGregor in the series is his real-life wife, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Birds of Prey). Winstead takes on the role of Anna Urbanova, a captivating and accomplished film actress who has paved her path to success. McGregor and Winstead have been together since 2017 after meeting on the set of Fargo.

Directed by BAFTA winner Sam Miller, the historical fiction also stars Alexa Goodall (The Devil’s Hour) as the Count’s unlikely young friend Nina, Johnny Harris (Without Sin) as conflicted secret police officer Osip, and Fehinti Balogun (Dune, I May Destroy You) as Mishka, the Count’s best friend from university.

Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson, John Heffernan, Leah Harvey, Anastasia Hille, Daniel Cerqueira, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ewan McGregor, Alexa Goodall, Lyes Salem, Johnny Harris, Fehinti Balogun in a Gentleman in Moscow
(L-R) Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson as Emile, John Heffernan as The Bishop, Leah Harvey as Mariana, Anastasia Hille as Olga, Daniel Cerqueira as Vasily, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Anna Urbanova, Ewan McGregor as Count Rostov, Alexa Goodall as Nina, Lyes Salem as Andrey, Johnny Harris as Osip, Fehinti Balogun as Mishka in a Gentleman in Moscow, streaming on Paramount+ 2024. Photo Credit: Jason Bell/Paramount+/Showtime

Additional cast includes Leah Harvey (Foundation), Paul Ready (Motherland), John Heffernan (Becoming Elizabeth), Lyès Salem (Abou Leila), Björn Hlynur Haraldsson (The Witcher), Dee Ahluwalia (Sex Education), Anastasia Hille (I Hate Suzie Too), Daniel Cerqueira (Judy), Leah Balmforth (Silent Roar), Billie Gadsdon (One Day) and Beau Gadsdon (The Crown).

Filmed in Victoria Square outside Bolton Town Hall in Bolton, Greater Manchester, England, A Gentleman in Moscow was produced by Lionsgate Television in association with Paramount.

Ben Vanstone (All Creatures Great and Small) serves as executive producer and showrunner on the series, which is the first production to come through Lionsgate’s first look deal with Tom Harper’s company Popcorn Storm Pictures. Harper (War and Peace, Peaky Blinders) will also executive produce alongside Ewan McGregor, Sharon Hughff, (Three Pines), Pancho Mansfield (Queen of the South), Moonriver TV’s Xavier Marchand (Nautilus, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris), and the novel’s writer, New York Times best-selling author Amor Towles.

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