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Welcome to TalkTeaV, your go-to source for the latest updates on streaming TV shows and Movies.


At TalkTeaV, we have two primary objectives. The first is to keep you informed about the newest streaming shows and streaming movies. The second focus is to offer readers enjoyable fact-based reading material.

Join us as we share the excitement of new TV shows through our News & Reviews. Take a trip down memory lane with TalkTeaV's Spotlights, where we revisit iconic characters and memorable moments.

Find your next binge-worthy TV show with TalkTeaV.

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It's an exciting time to be a TV Viewer.

Over a cup of tea, sometimes with a dash of bourbon, I enjoy watching classic throwbacks and binge-watching the latest streaming content. Whether at work, in line at the supermarket, or at a neighborhood coffee shop, I love the discussions I have had about thrilling TV show moments with fascinating strangers. I'm that guy at the office who can't resist asking, "Did you catch last night's episode?"

With TalkTeaV, I plan to keep and pass down the timeless tradition of connecting over a cup of coffee or tea while discussing beloved TV shows. My favorite movie is The Burbs. On weekdays, I'm watching reruns of Star Trek, Frasier, and Married With Children. But, on weekends, it's Leverage and Burn Notice. And when I crave a true mental escape, nothing compares to the mysteries and Art Deco charm of Agatha Christie's Poirot. For more of my favorite reruns (List located just below News and Spotlights), check out the homepage.


You're invited to hang out with me on TalkTeaV's social media accounts as I relive those favorite shows, iconic characters, and some of television's most talked-about moments.

Hi, I'm Damian Ali

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