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Apple TV+ First German-language Dark Comedy Series "Where's Wanda?" First-Look

Image of Heike Makatsch and Axel Stein in the Apple TV+ Dark Comedy Series Where's Wanda?

Apple TV+ has just unveiled its first German-language series, "Where's Wanda?". This dark comedy, consisting of eight gripping episodes, stars Heike Makatsch, Axel Stein, Lea Drinda, Leo Simon, Palina Rojinski, and Nikeata Thompson.

The series revolves around the heart-wrenching story of Dedo and Carlotta Klatt, who embark on a desperate quest to locate their missing daughter, revealing startling secrets lurking behind the closed doors of their seemingly ordinary neighbors.

How far would you go to save your child? For Carlotta (Makatsch) and Dedo (Stein), the answer is clear. Until recently they were a normal family, but after waiting in vain for the police to bring back their 17-year-old daughter Wanda (Drinda), who disappeared months ago without a trace, they are now taking matters into their own hands.

With the help of their tech-savvy son Ole (Simon), who helps them obtain surveillance devices, they disguise themselves as employees of an electrical company and bug first their neighborhood and then half their suburb, finding out that behind closed doors none of their neighbors are who they pretend to be.

Image of Lea Drinda in the Apple TV+ Dark Comedy Series Where's Wanda?

Adding to the star-studded ensemble are Devid Striesow, Joachim Król, Jasmin Shakeri, and Kostja Ullmann, all accomplished actors in their own right. Helmed by award-winning directors Christian Ditter and Tobi Baumann, the series is scripted by Oliver Lansley and draws inspiration from Zoltan Spirandelli's narrative.

Executive producers Nataly Kudiabor and Sebastian Werninger promise an enthralling viewing experience. "Where's Wanda?" is a production of UFA Fiction, a Fremantle company, exclusively for Apple TV+.

"Where's Wanda?" marks Apple TV+'s maiden venture into German-language programming, bolstering its already impressive global content lineup, which includes hit shows like "Ted Lasso," "Hijack," "The Morning Show," "Slow Horses," "Bad Sisters," "Prehistoric Planet," "Silo," "Drops of God," and "Foundation." No official date has been announced, but stay tuned for this series set to captivate audiences with its compelling storyline and stellar cast.

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