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The Rookie: Highlighting The Most Memorable Quotes From Season One

The Rookie Best Quotes From Season One

The Rookie follows newly divorced John Nolan, who survives a life-threatening incident and decides to pursue a career with the Los Angeles Police Department. Nolan, the oldest rookie ever recruited, is met with skepticism from those who see him as just another walking midlife crisis.

Nolan and his fellow rookies must overcome the daily challenges that all newcomers face. While also learning as rookies to deal with how this career choice affects their personal life. Season one is funny, dramatic, and touching. Each episode begins with a funny clip that is light-hearted funny-action and grabs your attention.

While I would classify it as a workplace dramedy, it is light on the drama and offers up enough action to keep the story moving at a good pace. You won't be disappointed. Here are ten quotes from some of the officers in season one that caught my ear.

The Rookie Best Quotes From Season One

“Every day we start fresh because we can’t affect the past. But we damn sure can make a difference today.” - Sergeant Wade Grey

Pilot Episode: Small-town guy John Nolan pursues his dream of being a police officer after a life-altering incident. As the force's oldest rookie, he's met with skepticism from some higher-ups who see him as a walking mid-life crisis.

Season 1 Episode 1 aired Oct. 15th, 2018

Image of Richard T Jones as Officer Sergeant Wade Grey in the crime drama series The Rookie on ABC

"Always got to have a plan ‘B’ starting out. Having a plan ‘B’ doesn’t mean you’re not committed. It means you’re a realist." - Sergeant Wade Grey

Season 1 Episode 3

Image of Nathon Fillion as Officer John Nolan in the crime drama series The Rookie on ABC

“I think that good people will make the right choice when it really matters.” - Officer John Nolan

Season 1 Episode 3 “One bad day shouldn’t ruin a man's life.” - Officer Talia Bishop

Season 1 Episode 3

The Good The Bad And The Ugly: After Nolan and Talia lose control of a crime scene, they begin to debate whether people are fundamentally good or bad and what that means for a police officer. Meanwhile, Lucy is concerned Tim is enabling his wife's destructive behavior and not taking care of himself.

Season 1 Episode 3 aired Oct. 30th, 2018

Image of Titus Makin Jr. as Officer Jackson West in the crime drama series The Rookie on ABC

“We can’t choose our fathers but we can choose how we let them shape us.” - Jackson West

The Hawke: The team must help capture a cop and his former mentor from the academy after he becomes a fugitive following an assault; Officer Tim Bradford needs Officer Lucy Chen to learn to predict the moves of criminals in order to capture them.

Season 1 Episode 6 aired Nov. 27th, 2018

Image Mircea Monroe as Isabel Bradford in the crime drama series The Rookie on ABC

“I didn’t know that rock bottom had a basement” - Isabel Bradford

Standoff: Officer Bradford's wife, Isabel, is found shot but alive and he vows to track down the man responsible. Meanwhile, Officer Nolan must protect his home and the truth after a home invasion attack. Season 1 Episode 9 aired on Jan. 7th, 2019

Image of Afton Williams as Officer Talia Bishop in the crime drama series The Rookie on ABC

“It’s not about the place, it’s about what happened there. You own those memories." - Officer Talia Bishop

Redwood: An unscheduled visit by the Vice President of the United States puts the station on high alert. The Secret Service tasks Officer Nolan and Officer Bishop with checking out a possible threat to the vice president while the rest of the team tries to keep the streets clear and safe for his visit.

Season 1 Episode 11 aired on Jan. 22nd, 2019

Image of Eric Winter as Officer Tim Bradford in the crime drama series The Rookie on ABC

“I am unwilling to let fear make me do something I’ll be ashamed of in the light of day.” - Officer Tim Bradford

Manhunt: When a prison bus crashes, some inmates face severe injuries while others seek an opportunity to flee; in the wake of the accident, Officer Nolan tries to impress an FBI hostage negotiator while tracking down an escaped convict. Season 1 Episode 15 aired on Mar. 5th, 2019

"Grief is grief, it’s a hole that can’t be filled, but over time it’ll shrink enough so that you won't fall in every time you take a step." - Officer Tim Bradford

Greenlight: Officer Nolan gets a lesson in respect after his arrest of a gang member leads to a free-for-all on his life; Officer Chen and Bradford pull over Mario Lopez, who thinks he can talk his way out of a traffic violation. Season 1 Episode 16 aired Mar. 1st, 2019

Image of Melissa O'Neil as Officer Lucy Chen in the crime drama series The Rookie on ABC

"You hate the system because it’s designed to punish people, not care for them, but that will never change unless people like me step up and make it change." - Officer Lucy Chen

The Shake-Up: A massive earthquake rocks the city and throws everything into chaos; Russo recommends Officer Nolan for a protective detail of Brad Hayes, a man whose dealings have put a target on his head.

Season 1 Aired on March 26, 2019

My favorite part about the show in season one is the opening scenes that start the show. It's a fun way to get viewers pumped each time. The Rookie was renewed by ABC for a fifth season in September of the last year 2022. As of January 31, 2023, 90 episodes of The Rookie have aired, so there will be plenty more great quotes. I hope you will stay tuned.

As Always, You made it this far, thanks for reading, and let me know your thoughts on The Rookie. Did I miss any great lines?

Keep it interesting, Stay Channel Surfing! - Damian

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Image Mircea Monroe as Isabel Bradford in the crime drama series The Rookie on ABC

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