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Sanford & Son: Fred Wins Big In 'BY The Numbers'

Sanford & Son: Fred Wins Big In 'BY The Numbers'

Fred warns Lamont about disrespecting Lena Horne in the episode's opening scene titled 'By The Numbers.' A very stubborn Fred goes against Lamont's wishes of not gambling and hits it big when he bets on numbers he received in a dream.

Based on the British sitcom Steptoe and Son, Sanford & Son follows Fred and his son Lamont Sanford who run a small family-owned salvage yard. Each episode is a hilarious father-against-son story with trouble always finding the adventurous, get-rich-quick Fred, which always drags his hard-working son into the mix.

Sanford & Son: Fred Wins Big In 'BY The Numbers'

Fred picks the winning numbers after translating his dream using "Lucky Lucille's Dream Book." With plans to use his newfound riches to travel to a place of "intrigue, excitement, wildlife, and big game," referring to Las Vegas, the question is, will Fred make it out of town when friends and family find out he has money in his pocket?

I won't spoil it for you (because I want you to see it again or for the first time), but if you haven't seen it, trust me when I say this episode will have you laughing. Redd Foxx and Demond Wilson have great comedic timing playing Father and Son.

(Check out a clip of the episode below)

Beah Richards and David Moses in Sanford & Son

Each of the cast members and guest stars in this episode has had impressive careers that add to the history and love of this show. Beah Richards (Aunt Ethel) starred alongside Sidney Poitier, Spencer Tracy, Isabel Sanford, and Katharine Hepburn in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner. She also played Mae Benton on the medical drama ER for eight episodes.

In 2021 David Moses, who pops up in this episode, helped to introduce the character Ruby when he played the husband Mel on the new Fantasy Island series. Earlier in his career, he was Mr. Bryant on Small Wonder and recently performed on the new Freevee series Bosch: Legacy playing a character named Marty. In this episode, you see both guest stars in the early stages of their careers.

Don Bexley and Beah Richards in Sanford & Son's Fred Wins Big In 'BY The Numbers'

This episode introduces the TV viewers to the characters Bubba (Don Bexley) and Aunt Ethel (Beah Richards). How Fred handles family and friends who are in need is hilarious. 'By The Numbers' (Season 2, Episode 1) stars Redd Foxx, Demond Wilson, Don Bexley (Bubba), Beah Richards, and David Moses. It aired Sep 15, 1972, and is about twenty-five minutes long.

It's a perfect episode for anyone with relatives who plays the daily pick-four. I remember when I was younger heading to the corner bodega to pick up the numbers and a new issue of the TV Guide for my family. It's a great episode filled with lots of talent. You can watch this and all other episodes of Sanford and Son on Peacock. (Check out a clip of the episode below)

As always, you made it this far thanks for reading and if you watch this episode let me know what you think.

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