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Mythic Quest's David Hornsby, Ashly Burch, And Danny Pudi Discuss Their First Time Directing.

Mythic Quest's David Hornsby, Ashly Burch, And Danny Pudi Discuss their First Time Directing.
Mythic Quest is one of the best shows streaming today. Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, and Megan Ganz's partnership continue to produce great content. The episode 'A Dark Quiet Death' took me back to when I first read Sherlock Holmes.

'A Dark Quiet Death' is a stand-alone story within the series, similar to how Arthur Conan Doyle created extraordinary backstories for many of the Sherlock Holmes cases. But honestly, each of the episodes throughout the seasons, while connected, feels unique. The show is always well thought out, addictive, and fun to watch, proving the showrunners know a thing or two about how to tell a story.

Danny Pudi as Brad Bakshi On Apple TV's Mythic Quest
David Hornsby, Ashly Burch, and Danny Pudi gave a little insight into what it felt like to direct for the first time. "Why do I want to cut everything that I am in?" Pudi laughingly breaks the ice stating to fellow actors that he had to ask why he had deleted scenes that mostly involved him.

With over three hundred thousand followers on Instagram and eighty-plus acting credits to his name, there's no question that his fans would love to see more of him. With how things are going on MQ and knowing how dangerously clever Pudi's character Brad Bakshi is, I think it's safe to think we will see more of him.

Ashly Burch and Imani Hakim in "Mythic Quest," on Apple TV
Ashly Burch spoke about her best approach to working with actors to get what she wants out of a scene. Burch also stated that her proudest moment was the film crew not turning away displeased.

Her skills clearly show, with five award wins and fifteen nominations, a clear sign that this career on the rise is just getting started. No spoiler here, but as of episode three, Burch's character seems to be going through a rough patch and may have unwittingly found a way to turn things around with Brad's help. I doubt it will help her relationship since she seems to be keeping secrets from Dana about her situation.

David Hornsby in "Mythic Quest," now streaming on Apple TV+.
David Hornsby said in jest how easy his time directing was, "I didn't one time yell Action or Cut." Hornsby has this ability to conjure up a laugh in any situation. This gift of being able to lighten up a room is familiar and makes me think of Robin Williams.

There's no question fans wanted more of Hornsby on It's Always Sunny, and we may still see more of Rickety Cricket, but it would never have been enough. Luckily we get to see more of this hilarious actor with his MQ character, David Brittlesbee, who is out to prove his worth in season three. Especially now that Ian and Poppy are out of the picture. I can't wait to see what David Hornsby does next because whatever the character, he is sure to be entertaining.

Jessie Ennis in "Mythic Quest," now streaming on Apple TV+.
I didn't mention who directed what episode because Pudi, Burch, and Hornsby would like to see the viewers guess without looking at the credits. I chose not to look it up myself so that I could also try my hand at guessing.

See the cast of Mythic Quest discuss their first time directing on Apple TV's Youtube Channel. The video is titled Mythic Quest - Our First Time Directing. Cheers fellow MQ fans, if you made it this far, thanks for reading, and if you watch this funny video offering insight into the mind of these three directors, let me know what you think.

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