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Earth Abides: MGM+ Orders TV Series Based On The 1949 Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Novel

Image-1-Earth Abides Book Cover Image-MGM+ - Alexander Ludwig: Photo Courtesy of Jonny Marlow

MGM+ has greenlit a six-episode limited series adaptation of George R. Stewart's sci-fi novel, Earth Abides. The project is led by showrunner Todd Komarnicki (Sully) and stars Alexander Ludwig (Vikings) as Isherwood 'Ish' Williams, with production beginning in Vancouver on April 8 and is expected to premiere on MGM+ in late 2024.

Earth Abides, written by George R. Stewart in 1949, delves into a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a deadly pandemic. The story revolves around Ish, a geologist, who emerges as the sole survivor amidst the collapse of society. Embarking on a journey from San Francisco to New York City, Ish encounters only a handful of fellow survivors, leading him to question the essence of survival versus finding purpose in a civilization stripped of its comforts. As civilization crumbles, Ish grapples with the challenge of distinguishing sanctuary from mere survival, while navigating a world devoid of rules and structure.

Oscar-winning Michael Phillips (The Sting), along with Juliana Maio and Kearie Peak, serve as executive producers. The showrunner and writer, Komarnicki, leads the team, supported by additional writers Karen Janszen, Tony Spiridakis, Evan Hart, and Kyle Stephen. Bronwen Hughes is slated to direct both the pilot and the second episode, while Rachel Leiterman will direct episodes three and four. Stephen Campanelli will take the directorial reins for episodes five and six.

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