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Freevee's Newest Family Comedy Primo Is A Great Call Back To Sitcoms Like Family Ties and Roseanne.

Freevee's Newest Family Comedy Primo Is A Great Call Back To Sitcoms Like Family Ties and Roseanne.

"Our life is like a Jenga Tower. We make one tiny wrong move and it all comes tumbling down." - Rafa

Primo is a great comedy series where no matter the age, all the characters are given room to grow. Watching each member of the Gonzales family approach life's thresholds open-mindedly to improve themselves was inspirational.

And this is just part of what makes Freevee's new family sitcom a great call back to classic family sitcoms like Family Ties and Roseanne.

Created by New York Times best-selling author and journalist Shea Serrano, Primo is a coming-of-age family comedy inspired by Serrano's life growing up in San Antonio, Texas.

The Freevee original is produced by Serrano and Emmy-winning executive producer Michael Schur, who you may remember best as Dwight's cousin Mose Schrute.

"He doesn’t need a university to be educated. The universe is a university. My home is the planet Earth and mother nature doesn’t charge me rent, nor does Jay whose shed I’ve been sleeping in."

- Uncle Mondo

Freevee's Newest Family Comedy Primo Is A Great Call Back To Sitcoms Like Family Ties and Roseanne.

"We are gonna fill this house with joy or I swear to god I will slit all your throats." - Drea

Lead actor, Ignacio Diaz-Silverio, plays Rafa, a quirky sixteen-year-old living with his clever mother, Drea, and five overbearing uncles on the south side of San Antonio, Texas.

Diaz-Silvario makes the most confusing, painfully funny expressions, and with every cringe-worthy mistake, I found myself laughing, wincing, and watching the television side-eyed.

Christina Vidal sets an inviting, fun-loving uplifting mood with her performance as the matriarch of the family. The uncles, Rollie, Mike, Ryan, Jay, and Mondo, are the kind of characters viewers will have fun matching up to friends and relatives.

The cast, writers, and showrunners perfectly utilize the adult characters and their behavior to create a funny, relatable journey for Rafa.

"You saying, you’d take care of your mom is like saying a flower takes care of the sun." - Uncle Rollie

"Primo, the best car in this family is my Econoline. 278 cubic feet of storage space. You could give 15 Myas a ride home." - Uncle Jay

Freevee's Newest Family Comedy Primo Is A Great Call Back To Sitcoms Like Family Ties and Roseanne.

"Rollie, the spirits can’t communicate with words. But we feel their energy, as they feel ours." - Uncle Mondo

This series is light-hearted fun with the right amount of drama and a talented ensemble that stars Ignacio Diaz-Silverio (The Good Fight), Johnny Rey Diaz (Grey’s Anatomy), Christina Vidal (The Terminal List, Taina), Henri Esteve (Grown-ish, Homecoming), Martin Martinez (Magnum P.I.), Jonathan Medina (The Purge), Carlos Santos (Gentefied), Nigel Siwabessy (Stop the Bleeding!), Efrain Villa (Better Call Saul), and Stakiah Lynn Washington (Everything is Both).

- See Trailer Below -

"You have small eyes. You can’t see the whole picture yet." - Drea

Why Freevee's Newest Hit Series Primo Is Worth It, And The Best Lines From The Gonzales Family

"In my experience, the people we want in our lives, they’re always gonna see the truth about who we really are." - Drea

I am definitely curious to see how three relationships play out if the series returns. Who wouldn't want to see Mya, beautifully played by Stakiah Lynn Washington, continue to throw Rafa off his game? If you can call it game?

Drea and her new man are adorable together, but how will Sammy handle five overly protective, intrusive brothers? And the most important, cliffhanger question; Will Ryan find his true love when he discovers the owner of investment account 6421? I wonder if I should be stashing money in my winter coats.

Thanks for making it this far, and if you watch this series, comment below, and let me know your thoughts.

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Primo premiered on May 19th, releasing all eight episodes of the first season which is currently available to stream exclusively on Amazon's Freevee.

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