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Eva Longoria-led Dramedy Land Of Women Premieres Summer 2024 on Apple TV: Plot & Cast Details

Victoria Bazúa, Eva Longoria, and Carmen Maura star in Land of Women, premiering this summer, 2024 on Apple TV+

Fleeing from dangerous criminals on the hunt for her husband, a woman seeks refuge in a quaint Spanish town, accompanied by her mother and daughter. However, this town holds family secrets her mother promised never to face again. Land of Women is a limited series starring Golden Globe nominee Eva Longoria, who also serves as series executive producer.

Based on Sandra Barneda's bestselling novel of the same name, Land of Women follows Gala (Longoria), a New York empty nester, who is thrown into chaos when her husband disappears after implicating the family in financial improprieties. To escape the dangerous criminals her husband owes, she is forced to flee the city alongside her aging mother, and college-age daughter.

The three women hide in the same charming wine town in northern Spain that Gala’s mother fled 50 years ago, vowing never to return. The women seek to start anew and hope their identities will remain unknown, but gossip in the small town quickly spreads, unraveling their deepest family secrets and truths.

Carmen Maura, Victoria Bazúa, and Eva Longoria star in Land of Women, premiering this summer, 2024 on Apple TV+

Alongside Longoria, the series stars legendary film and television star Carmen Maura (Oh Carmela, Volver) as Julia, newcomer Victoria Bazúa as Kate, Jim Kitson (The Red King) as Hank, and Amaury Nolasco (Hightown, Prison Break) as Kevin.

Also starring, Vianessa Castaños (Gringa Latina, East Los High) as Edna, Gloria Muñoz (Dangerous Moms) as Mariona, Colin Morgan (30 Coins) as Prestamista (aka loan shark), Santiago Cabrera (Big Little Lies, Heroes) as Amat, Lolo Herrero (Cable Girls) as Berlanga, and Gary Anthony Stennette (Hanna, Styx) as TSA Officer.

Shot in both English and Spanish, the series was created by Ramón Campos, Gema R. Neira, and Paula Fernández and is directed by Iris Award winner Carlos Sedes. The six-episode dramedy will make its global debut in the summer of 2024 on Apple TV+ and will be available to watch in both languages.

Hailing from Apple Studios, the series is produced by Bambú Producciones. This also marks the debut project for Hyphenate Media Group which acquired UnbeliEVAble Entertainment, Longoria's former award-winning production company she established in 2005. Founded by Eva Longoria and Cris Abrego, Hyphenate is part production company, part talent scouting agency that seeks to foster more opportunities for Latino creators.

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