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Still Up: From Cute To Must-See Rom-Com With This Apple TV+ Trailer

Image of Antonia Thomas in Still Up, premiering September 22, 2023, on Apple TV+

Seems like sleeplessness and a strong bond with another individual who also struggles with insomnia is just one aspect of the plot in the new romantic comedy series Still Up.

The trailer highlights adorable conversations over the phone, a possible late-night adventure, dating, and the struggles of an already-established relationship. But what's making this series a must-see is that Antonia Thomas and Craig Roberts have an adorable and funny back-and-forth vibe in the Apple TV+ trailer for Still Up.

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Image of Antonia Thomas in Still Up, premiering September 22, 2023, on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ also released these images and announced that the new eight-episode show would have its worldwide three-episode premiere on Friday, September 22nd. The series stars Antonia Thomas ("The Good Doctor," "Small Axe," "Lovesick") and Craig Roberts ("Red Oaks," "Submarine") as its leads.

Bonded by insomnia, best friends Lisa and Danny stay connected to each other late into the night and find their way through a world of wonderfully weird surprises as their relationship deepens. Still Up is an almost romantic comedy set in the after-hours world of insomniacs Danny (Roberts) and Lisa (Thomas), who have no secrets except their feelings for each other. Also starring in the ensemble cast are Blake Harrison, Lois Chimimba, Luke Fetherston, and Rich Fulcher.

Image of Craig Roberts in Still Up, premiering September 22, 2023, on Apple TV+

Still Up is co-created and written by Steve Burge (Seekers) and Natalie Walter. Bryce Hart (Ten Percent) also writes on the series. It is directed by BAFTA Award nominee John Addis (Lucky Break). Still Up is produced for Apple TV+ by Various Artists Limited, executive produced by BAFTA Award winner Paul Schlesinger (Twenty Twelve), Emmy Award-winning Phil Clarke (I May Destroy You), and series produced by Arabella McGuigan.

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