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Roku's Toast of Tinseltown: A New Hollywood Adventure, Written By And Starring Matt Berry

Image of Matt Berry as Stephen Toast in  Roku's Toast Of TinselTown

The comedic genius of Matt Berry is set to grace our screens once again in this new series premiering Friday, August 11th. Roku's Toast of Tinseltown, directed by Michael Cumming is also written by Berry alongside Arthur Mathews, which promises laughter, mishaps, and a star-studded cast that reads like a who's who of Hollywood's funniest.

In "Toast of Tinseltown," Berry portrays the iconic Stephen Toast, an actor, voice-over artist, and larger-than-life figure in London's theatrical circles. Toast is renowned as "the Fellini of Failure," a title that encapsulates his knack for finding himself in the most amusingly awkward situations.

This time, Toast embarks on a transatlantic adventure to the City of Angels, lured by the promise of a "lead role" in the latest Star Wars installment. As audiences have come to expect from Berry's brilliant performances, chaos, and hilarity ensue as Toast navigates the glitzy yet unpredictable landscape of Hollywood.

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Joining Berry in this laugh-out-loud escapade are an array of Hollywood heavyweights. Rashida Jones, Fred Armisen, and the incomparable Larry David are just a few of the talented individuals who grace the screen alongside our bumbling protagonist.

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