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Relationship Expert Shan Boodram to Host Roku's Reality Series 'The Marriage Pact'

Roku’s Relationship Experiment Series “The Marriage Pact” Sets Shan Boodram as Host

Shan Boodram, renowned author and expert in intimacy and relationships, will host The Marriage Pact, a new reality series by Roku Original.

With a massive following of 1.7 million fans across her social media channels and an acclaimed podcast titled 'Lovers and Friends,' Boodram is widely recognized as one of the most trustworthy and knowledgeable relationship advisors on the internet.

The show, which will feature a unique relationship experiment, is set to premiere on The Roku Channel on Friday, August 4.

Roku’s Relationship Experiment Series “The Marriage Pact” Sets Shan Boodram as Host

The Marriage Pact follows single friends who must fulfill or break a promise from the past: a pact to marry if both are still single by a certain age. Viewers will follow the five participating couples, as their relationships are put to the test, to discover whether they are truly meant to say, "I do.”

“We can’t wait for viewers of The Roku Channel to stream ‘The Marriage Pact.’ Shan is the perfect host and expert for this series. It's such a relatable concept where all the years of wondering 'what if' with someone you know will finally be answered. Love and commitment between friends come with a lot to gain, but also a lot to lose," said Jessica Sebastian-Dayeh, President of Maven.

“Gone are the days where summer flings are trendy. Today, people want slow, invested love, and ‘The Marriage Pact’ is right on trend to deliver an incredibly intimate look at what it looks like to go from friends to intense lovers in real life and real-time," said Shan Boodram, Host of “The Marriage Pact. "I couldn’t be more proud to host this experience on Roku or more excited to see how our ‘Marriage Pact’ couples inspire and shock the world.”

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