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Peacock's 'Wolf Like Me' Baby News, Cast Addition, and Season 2 Premiere Date

Image of Wolf Like Me stars Josh Gad and Isla Fisher on Peacock

An emotionally charged second season of Wolf Like Me is set to debut, bringing back two souls haunted by personal struggles. Wolf Like Me stars Isla Fisher and Josh Gad in lead roles, and with the notable addition of Edgar Ramirez to the ensemble, the series is gearing up for another compelling chapter. The seven-episode season is scheduled to exclusively launch on Peacock on October 19th, 2023.

Image of Wolf Like Me star Josh Gad on Peacock

Gary (Josh Gad), a single father, grapples with the challenges of caring for his daughter Emma while navigating the emotional aftermath of his wife's passing.

Mary (Isla Fisher), an advice columnist burdened by her own complex emotional history, encounters Gary amidst a series of uncanny coincidences that hint at the workings of fate.

Image of Stars Ariel Donoghue and Isla Fisher in the Peacock Original Series Wolf Like Me Season 2

As they repeatedly cross paths, Mary's effortless connection with Emma contrasts with Gary's struggles to connect with his daughter. Yet, the tale takes a supernatural twist as it is unveiled that Mary harbors a life-altering secret—a truth she fears might endanger those she cares for: she is a werewolf.

Image of Stars Josh Gad and Edgar Ramirez in the Peacock Original Series Wolf Like Me Season 2

Message To Fans From Abe Forsythe:

- When season one of Wolf Like Me concluded, there were countless directions the story and characters could take. I recognized that if we were going to continue, it needed to be just as daring for me as it was for my characters. Mary and Gary’s universe is expanding and is rife with a wealth of new characters, interactions, and threats...

Image of Isla Fisher in the Peacock Original Series Wolf Like Me Season 2

In this new world, Isla’s portrayal of Mary continued to surprise me with her heartbreaking vulnerability. She’s operating at another level this season and it continues to be a privilege to push her further and further into what she does best. And Josh always impresses me with how he can register ridiculousness in a way that lets the audience into how crazy everything is, without breaking the tension and letting it fall apart. This season, humor plays an even larger role as we explore the inherent absurdity that ensues when their secrets spill into the open.

"We've Been Keeping A Little Secret About Some Baby News🐺 👶"

Image of Isla Fisher in the Peacock Original Series Wolf Like Me Season 2

Season one was a testament to the mysterious forces of the universe bringing Mary, Gary, and Emma together. As we delve into season two, we ask a new question: Is the universe now conspiring to pull them apart?

It’s safe to say that with this new season of Wolf Like Me, you can truly expect the unexpected. - End

Image of Stars Josh Gad, Edgar Ramirez, and Isla Fisher in the Peacock Original Series Wolf Like Me Season 2

Created by Abe Forsythe, who also serves as Writer, Director, and Executive Producer, along with Executive Producers Jodi Matterson, Bruna Papandrea, and Steve Hutensky from Made Up Stories, the series intertwines romance, drama, and comedy in a unique format.

The production is a collaboration between Made Up Stories, Fifth Season, and Stan, and features a diverse cast including Ariel Donoghue, Edgar Ramirez, Emma Lung, Anthony Taufa, and Honour Latukefu. The picturesque backdrop of Australia sets the stage for this captivating exploration of human connection.

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