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Magnum P. I. 2018: Quotes, Fun Facts, and Who Wore It Best: Revisiting The Action-Packed First Season

Magnum PI 2018-(l-r) Zachary Knighton, Amy Hill, Perdita Weeks, Jay Hernandez, Tim Kang, Stephen Hill

It's a bit disappointing that Magnum concluded its run after five seasons, but I am thankful for the fun I had watching this action-packed show. And now, with four seasons to access on Freevee, fans of the series can revisit those moments that made the reboot so enjoyable.

First, credit must be given to everyone who worked on the show and also to the dedicated fan base who stuck with the series through thick and thin. I didn't have access to the first season and thought about giving up on the show altogether. However, after seeing all the love, support, and unity the series had generated, it was clear that it was a must-see.

I'm glad I decided to watch this new take on Magnum P. I. because apart from the exciting action scenes, comedy, and heartfelt moments, the writing and story ideas in season one were outstanding. I'm sure I missed some quotable moments, but hopefully not too many, here are a few of my favorite lines from season one that caught my ear during all the excitement.

Oh, and if you haven't seen the trailer for Robin Masters' book series The White Knight, you're in luck, check it out at the end of this article, or visit NBC Insider.

The Ties That Bind (S1 E9)

Perdita Weeks as Juliet Higgins in Magnum P. I. 2018

“Age is more than a measurement of time. It’s a catalog of experiences.” 

- Juliet Higgins 

The Ties That Bind (S1 E9)

Jay Hernandez as Thomas Magnum in Magnum P. I. 2018

"My father once said that being brave doesn't mean not being scared. It just means you've decided there's something more important than your fear.”

- Thomas Magnum

The Ties That Bind (S1 E9)

Perdita Weeks, Lyrica Okano, and Jay Hernandez, in Magnum PI S1 E9 The Ties That Bind (2018)

Magnum draws upon his past as a former POW to aid Amanda, a teenage kidnap victim who successfully escaped her captors. Recognizing the need for a therapeutic approach, Magnum turns to Higgins, asking her to teach Amanda yoga as a coping mechanism.

Rick's La Mariana is a real place!

Magnum PI 2018-Pictured-(l-r)-Jay Hernandez-Perdita Weeks-Zachary Knighton-Stephen Hill-Tim Kang-Amy Hill

While reading up on the show at NBC Insider, I learned that the fictional bar in the series is an actual place founded by Annette and Johnny Campbell. La Mariana is described as a living museum of old Hawaii, showcasing local decorations and furnishings, and has been serving tasty tiki drinks since 1957.

Winner Takes All (S1 E12)

Stephen Hill as Theodore 'TC' Calvin in Magnum P. I. 2018-S1 E12 Winner Takes All

 “Slow is smooth... Smooth is fast.”

- Theodore 'T. C.' Calvin

A bail bondsman has set a bounty of $200,000 for the capture of an alleged murderer. Magnum is now competing against other bounty hunters and private investigators on the island to catch the killer before time runs out. The victim's son is a fellow serviceman, which makes the case more personal for Magnum, beyond just the monetary reward. T. C. drops this line on Magnum to explain why he and Rick are taking forever to build a grill. 

Who Wore It Best Moment - (S1 E12)

Magnum PI- Ken Jeong, Jay Hernandez, Tom Selleck

'Winner Takes All' was a fun episode, it featured fun guest stars Ken Jeong (The Hangover and Bob's Burgers) as Luther H. Gillis, Halston Sage (The Orville) as Willa Stone, and Sean Whalen (The People Under the Stairs) as Sam. We even got a who wore it best moment from Jeong and Hernandez, but the question remains, who looks the most chillaxed while solving crime? 

Although Hernandez reignited my desire to live the rest of my life wearing these colorful Hawaiian tops, I think he looked good in everything he wore on the show except Aloha shirts. Ken Jeong rocking a matching Hawaiian shirt next to Hernandez will always be one of my favorite moments in the series. But when it comes to the iconic red "Jungle Bird" shirt, Tom Selleck wore it best and remains the OG example of casual work attire.

I may be a little biased here because I too hope to someday sport a colorful Hawaiian shirt with my hairy chest out while solving crimes.

Day of the Viper (S1 E13)

Perdita Weeks as Juliet Higgins in Magnum P. I. 2018

“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”

- Juliet Higgins

Day Of The Viper was directed by Bryan Spicer, known for his work on Parker Lewis Can't Lose, 24, Castle, and Hawaii Five-0. The episode offers more backstory to Higgins' MI6 days when she discovers that the person who killed her true love has emerged in Oahu. In this episode, Rick teaches us the acronym "PIDNA' (Private Investigator DNA) when Magnum asks Rick to handle a case, which Rick enjoys until things go wrong.

While this episode (S1 E13) had a more serious tone, there was still this funny scene where T.C. kidnaps a couple to obtain their invitations to an exclusive event. He later abandons them on the side of the road but not before leaving them with a lunch bag containing chips, dip, and quarter-waters. I haven't heard the term "Quarter-Water" since the 90s. Hilarious! And yes I laugh at Dad-Jokes.

Magnum's Favorite Film is Stalag-17

Magnum PI- Stalag-17-(Jay Hernandez-Day Of The Viper-S1 E13)-(Tom Selleck- Did You See the Sunrise S3 Ep1/1982)

In season three episode one titled 'Did You See the Sunrise' of the original series, and in the reboot's season one episode thirteen titled 'Day Of The Viper,' both Magnums are watching the 1953 film Stalag-17.

Here's Why: "There are very few people I'll stay up past midnight to see. William Holden is one of them. As a kid, Stalag-17 had been one of my favorite films. I guess because it had everything: heroes, humor, action. All the stuff a boy of 10 craves." - Thomas Magnum (S3 Ep1/1982)

Blood in the water (S1 E19)

Zachary Knighton as Orville "Rick" Wright in Magnum P. I. 2018 Blood in the Water (S1 E19)

"There's no way to tell what kind of demons other people are fighting. We can only fight our own."

- Orville 'Rick' Wright

While transporting Robin's yacht, Magnum and Higgins fall victim to a "yacht-jacking," leaving them adrift in the ocean. In an attempt to repel one of the armed assailants, Higgins sustains a gunshot wound. Stranded at sea, Magnum and Higgins race against time, striving to reach land before Higgins bleeds out.

White Knight Book Trailer | Magnum P.I. | NBC

From the tropical island view and the countless easter eggs to the gripping storylines, it's clear that the cast and crew were devoted to ensuring pure entertainment with sprinkles of nostalgia in every episode. This new Magnum P. I. (2018) has secured its place along with the original show on TalkTeaV's 'Favorite Reruns' list (found on the home page), and as I revisit the series, I anticipate discovering even more noteworthy aspects to write about.

As always, thanks for making it this far, and if you think there are some great quotes from season one that I missed, let me know.

Keep it interesting, Stay Channel Surfing!

- Damian

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