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E!'s House Of Villains: TV's Most Notorious Seek The Title Of Supervillain

Image Of Joel McHale as Host of E!'s Reality Show House Of Villains premieres on Oct. 12

In a groundbreaking television event, E! is set to unite 10 iconic and infamous reality show villains in their thrilling competition elimination series, "House of Villains." Hosted by Joel McHale, the show is scheduled to kick off with a supersized 75-minute premiere on Thursday, Oct. 12, at 10 p.m. ET/PT, simultaneously broadcasted on Bravo, SYFY, and USA.

Image Of (l-r) Jonny Fairplay, Shake Chatterjee, Johnny Bananas, OMAROSA, Tiffany “New York” Pollard in E!'s Reality Show House Of Villains premieres on Oct. 12

Hailing from some of the most popular reality television franchises, these notorious villains meet their match as they must outsmart, out-manipulate, and out-scheme each other through a series of challenges to win a $200,000 cash prize and the title of "America’s Ultimate Supervillain."

 Image Of (l-r) Joel McHale, Jax Taylor, Shake Chatterjee, Johnny Bananas, OMAROSA, Anfisa Arkhipchenko in E!'s Reality Show House Of Villains premieres on Oct. 12

Week after week, contestants will engage in a battle royale challenge designed to assess their physical, mental, and emotional fortitude. The victor of each challenge secures safety from elimination, while at week's end, one villain faces expulsion. "House of Villains" promises an epic clash of alliances, shattered trust, and cutthroat scheming as the villains vie for the ultimate title.

Meet House Of Villains Most Infamous Guest

Image Of Anfisa Arkhipchenko House Of Villains Courtesy Of E! Entertainment

Anfisa Arkhipchenko, a certified personal trainer known for her fitness and workout programs, made her mark as a Villainess on 90-Day Fiancé. Anfisa was in a relationship with Jorge Nava, who was from California. She told him she was with him for his money. They often fought but later married in 2017. Their relationship was one of the most infamous in the 90-Day Fiancé franchise. She was disliked by viewers and called a gold digger for wanting to be with a rich man.

Images Of Johnny Bananas in House Of Villains Photo by: E! Entertainment

One of the most infamous antagonists is Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio, known for manipulating and backstabbing his fellow competitors. Devenanzio has earned the title of a reality TV Villain through his cunning gameplay and strategic maneuvers on MTV's The Challenge. He shocked viewers when he opted to keep the entire $275,000 cash prize for himself instead of sharing it with his partner, Sarah Rice.

Image Of Shake Chatterjee in House Of Villains Courtesy Of E! Entertainment

Shake Chatterjee has become a notablely despised figure from his time on the reality show Love Is Blind, primarily due to his controversial behavior towards his former fiancée Deepti Vempati, and women in general. Shake's conduct ranged from making inappropriate remarks towards his now ex-fiancée Deepti Vempati to other female contestants when he asked them their sizes. His actions have placed him squarely on the villainous spectrum in the eyes of fans, and Love Is Blind contestants alike.

Image Of Jonny Fairplay in House Of Villains Courtesy Of E! Entertainment

Next up in this House Of Villains is the ruthless Jonny Fairplay, or Jon P. Dalton, a former Survivor contestant known for his cutthroat gameplay. Fairplay's infamy skyrocketed due to his audacious "Dead Grandma" deception, where he lied about his grandmother's death to gain an advantage in a reward challenge. From fellow contestants disliking him because of his "hissy fits and two-faced behavior" to taking advantage of Lill Morris' trust, he may end up House Of Villain's most dangerous and divisive villain.

Image Of Bobby Lytes in House Of Villains Courtesy Of E! Entertainment

Bobby Lytes is one of Love & Hip Hop: Miami's original eight cast members. He has been in disputes with several fellow castmates, including notable clashes with Amara, Liz, and Jojo. One particularly memorable incident occurred during the second season of Family Vacation with Peter Gunz, leaving a lasting mark on the series. Lytes was also in a physical altercation where he pushed Prince at a strip club. These confrontations and memorable moments have earned Bobby Lytes an invite to the house.

Image Of Corinne Olympios in House Of Villains Courtesy Of E! Entertainment

Corinne Olympios was in season 21 of The Bachelor. She was the first contestant to kiss Nick Viall on the first night and "stole" him from another contestant. Other contestants were upset that she interrupted their time with Nick to spend more time with him. The other ladies were also offended by her taking a nap at a pool party and a rose ceremony. She had a feud with Taylor Nolan, who accused her of not being emotionally intelligent. It will be interesting to see how this "Bachelor villain" gets along with the other contestants.

Image Of Omarosa Manigault Newman in House Of Villains Courtesy Of E! Entertainment

Omarosa Manigault Newman, often referred to as reality TV's first villain, is a household name even for those who don't watch reality shows. Her formidable presence has sparked controversies on and off-screen, with notable clashes extending to the White House under two administrations.

Starting her journey as a contestant on The Apprentice, Omarosa has graced the screens of various reality shows, from Fear Factor and The Surreal Life to Celebrity Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother, leaving a trail of adversaries in her wake.

Known for her willingness to do anything at any cost, Omarosa's ability to play the reality TV game is unmatched. She has even created and hosted a reality series, The Ultimate Merger, adding power to her bag of tricks.

With her extensive experience and unyielding competitiveness, Omarosa unquestionably is the most knowledgeable and ruthlessly competitive contestant in the House of Villains.

Image Of Tiffany “New York” Pollard in House Of Villains Courtesy Of E! Entertainment

If there is a playbook on how to antagonize fellow contestants to the point of getting spit on, then this next villain wrote it. Tiffany “New York” Pollard starred on VH1's Flavor of Love, a reality dating show with a similar format to The Bachelor. Tiffany gained recognition for relentlessly streaming insults at her cast members, which eventually led to her being spat on by Brooke "Pumpkin" Thompson.

A total of twenty women competed for Flav's affection, leading to the ultimate showdown between Tiffany "New York" Pollard and Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander, another contestant with whom Tiffany frequently clashed. Ultimately, Flavor Flav chose "Hoopz" as his mate over New York. She would go on to star in, 'I Love New York' which ran for one season.

Image Of Jax Taylor in House Of Villains Courtesy Of E! Entertainment

Jax Taylor was a cast member on Vanderpump Rules. Over four seasons he was known for being the show's bad guy. Taylor was accused of cheating multiple times, getting caught stealing and fighting.

But things got worse when Faith Stowers, who is Black, said that Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute wrongly accused her of a crime and reported her to the police. Jax tweeted something that wasn't true about Faith being wanted by the police. Fans were upset about what happened and wanted Jax off the show. Eventually, he was fired.

(Bravo: Jax Taylor Is Officially Returning to TV: All the Details)

Image Of Tanisha Thomas in House Of Villains Courtesy Of E! Entertainment

Tanisha Thomas gained recognition through her appearance in the second season of Bad Girls Club, a show celebrated for its embrace of villainous characters. Tanisha frequently dared her fellow housemates to "pop off" and is most remembered for venting frustration by banging pots and pans to annoy her co-stars.

Her popularity led to her becoming the host of the Bad Girls Club reunions in subsequent seasons. Tanisha's explosive clash with Jennavecia, stemming from the discovery that hot sauce had been added to her juice, culminated in a physical brawl, further cementing her reputation as a reality TV standout. Given her flair for dramatic confrontations and her enduring appeal, Tanisha Thomas would be a perfect fit for E's new House of Villains.

In this House of Villains who do you believe will rain supreme as "America’s Ultimate Supervillain."

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