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ID's Crime Scene Confidential Returns With New Episodes: See Trailer

Image Of Alina Burroughs in the Investigation Discovery (ID) True Crime Series Crime Scene Confidential

Alina Burroughs returns Wednesday, September 6th, on Investigation Discovery (ID), with eight all-new episodes of Crime Scene Confidential. Viewers can shadow Burroughs as she applies forensic techniques to reevaluate some of the nation's most intricate criminal cases.

Led by years of forensic experience, former CSI Alina Burroughs, who notably served as the CSI on the investigation into the death of Caylee Anthony, journeys into controversial murder cases ripped from the headlines.

-See Trailer Below-

Image Of a crime scene investigator kneeling looking through a CSI tool case

This season will feature even more forensic science as Burroughs looks into key theories through a series of fascinating tests. Additionally, the new season will feature unprecedented access to the family and friends of the victims, the law enforcement who worked the cases, as well as interviews with the suspected or convicted killers themselves.

Image Of Alina Burroughs in the Investigation Discovery (ID) True Crime Series Crime Scene Confidential

In the season premiere episode, Threads of Evidence airing Wednesday, September 6 at 9/8c, Burroughs travels to Mansfield, Ohio to look into the January 1998 murder of single mother Margie Coffey. Coffey’s body was found frozen and strangled to death in a nearby creek in the dead of winter.

As Burroughs digs into the evidence that was recovered at the scene, two microscopic fibers become the only way to find Coffey’s killer. Throughout the episode, Burroughs speaks extensively with the officers who investigated Coffey’s murder, her family, and friends, as well as sits down one-on-one for an intense conversation with her alleged killer.

The upcoming season will focus on cases spanning decades from locations across the country. Burroughs will personally travel to crime scenes, delve into collected evidence, and engage with key figures essential to comprehending each crime. Witness this season as Crime Scene Confidential looks into some of the most intricate crimes in the history of this nation.

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